Saturday, February 17, 2007

ARFE loves Mother Nasture

...or not.
Well, no, we do, but not when she delays three quarters of our team from the inaugural SmartWool Swamp Stomp!
Jim and Yi Shun drove down to Florida from Chicago, thankfully escaping the negative 33 wind chill, only to land in 25-degree freak Florida snap.
We got a phone call just before arriving at Race Director Shawn Dietrich's house, to hear that team members Kristoffer Nielson, Erin Nielson, and Chris Edmundson were bumped to another flight--NEXT WEEKEND.
Judging that unacceptable, they decided that this was unacceptable, and rented a minivan to drive all the way down to florida from Boston. They arrived in good time, only to find that team captain Bruce Swanson had been screwed over by a rental car company and was stuck in Orlando.
Trusty ARFE Staff member Jim drove down to Orlando to collect him, and they returned just in time to catch the end of race check-in.
Never mind, everyone is on here now and the race started this morning in chilly, un-Florida-like 25 degrees.
Lovely. Check back here for more updates soon!

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