Friday, February 23, 2007

we [heart] LaraBar

I have to admit, the first time that Shawn made me eat one of these, at OR, I was completely unsure of what I was eating.
It was an energy bar. But it had bits of REAL FRUIT in it.
It was an energy bar. But I could see exactly what foods were in it.
It was an energy bar. But "cherry" tasted like cherry. "Chocolate" tasted like dark chocolate. "Ginger" had actual heat to it! And oh, sweet Jesus, "Banana" tasted like banana bread.
Thus began my LaraBar fandom. We phoned and asked if they'd be a part of our Treats for Trash program, and joy of joys, they said yes.
We unveiled our partnership at the Swamp Stomp. Overheard from a racer stuffing her face with good bars: "I'm going to buy a whole BOX of these when I get home!"
Good on you. Glad we could help.

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