Saturday, March 24, 2007

ARFE HQ moves to Georgia

Well, for the weekend, anyway.
Here's the update so far from our Crew Queen, Pamela Robbins:

Morning from ARFE HQ.

Wireless is dodgy but I should be able to blog it up later. Cell phone
reception also dodgy...

I'm excited! The crew is well rested after about 6 hrs of sleep.
Things look good. Only 2 TA's and not a whole lot of nav. As EMS said,
it's gonna be a horse race. Oh boy! Erin, Chris & Kristoffer and
rested, fed and seem to be exceptionatly organized and ready.

Go ARFE-SmartWool, go... will blog after the first TA if I can which should be
between 12 and 2. Starting with a long paddle.

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