Friday, March 23, 2007



Things are coming together nicely.

1. My team's budget has been approved. It is actually more than we need for the Earth Month Kick-off, so I'll have money to use for the sustainability team throughout the year.

2. The team has gained 2 new members, both of whom are very passionate and have influence in the pilot plant and the facility maintenance crews.

3. I have more than 30 people signed up for the kick-off meeting/showing of "The Inconvenient Truth" on April 2nd.

4. I am very excited that Sid from Atmosclear ( ) has donated enough carbon off-sets to make our facility carbon neutral on April 2nd.

5. I have permission from the head of R&D to proceed with the sustainability team.

6. The Corporation as a whole was just named energy star partner of the year, for its energy management programs and reductions in greenhouse gases.

7. I met some colleagues from our sister company in Texas who are starting a similar team - a great opportunity to work together to make a bigger difference.

8. I have permission to run a slide show about our efforts on the flat screen TV in our lobby for the month of April (we will also display our carbon off set certificate).

9. Our trail clean-up day at the end of April is all planned.

10. Already the level of excitement and efforts of people at the facility are exceeding my hopes for progress this year - Exciting times are ahead, I can't wait.

The fact that there is support for these types of projects from the CEO of the corporation all the way down to my manager, makes me feel like this team can and will make significant contributions in a fairly short time.

Next time I post I'll update you on the kick-off and the team's progress.


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