Thursday, March 22, 2007

holy crap!

today, ARFE management chased a balloon down the street. we saw it from our office window and something went a little sparky in our neurons, and after dashing about the house for our keys and a hound leash and shoes (we are, after all, somewhat responsible), we scooted out the door and went zipping across and down the street for the pretty red thing we'd seen loping across two lanes of fast-moving traffic.
we were rewarded with this:

which reminded us of this, which led to this, and the reminder that life is nothing if we've forgotten how to play.
all of which is a long-ass way of saying that we are wishing Team ARFE-SmartWool a tremendous time in Georgia this weekend as they tackle the inaugural CheckpointTracker race! Hooray!

Keep your eyes peeled here for running updates on the race!

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