Monday, March 26, 2007

Last report from Crew Queen

It's 815 am on Mon am and I'm at the Atlanta airport. I last left our team sleeping soundly at my friends house in Atlanta. HUGE thanks to Meri & Ed for giving us a home base pre and post race.

As reported the team came in at 1:24 and I was very happy to see them, along with everyone else at the Finish. There was a huge ARFE buzz for several hours (like 12) at the finish so everyone was happy to see them. They were extremely dehydrated when they came in but they made it before 2pm and they got all the checkpoints. They are unofficially 4th (YAY!!!) barring any penalties or controversies. I over heard the race director saying that he had not hear of any penalties and suspected that that everyone's places will hold. So 4th should stick. I'll save all the juicy details of the race for the race report.

As for me..I had a BLAST and am looking forward to the next one. I just wish I could have stayed in Atlanta longer to see them off properly, but duty calls in CO. So I'm leaving Georgia one VERY proud support person. I can't wait to see what else ARFE-SW can pull off this season.

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Miss Midwesterly said...

woohoo! good thing we're sponsored by Gatorade. big thanks to everyone: home base and crew queen. ARFE [hearts] you!