Saturday, March 24, 2007

news from TA2!

The Crew Queen check in:

Georgia on our minds....

Hello from TA2/Finish. It's about 5pm and the day is already flying.
Team ARFE-Smartwool is on the bike section which has an orienteering
section as well. This race is heavily waiting the bike...or so I hear.
I saw our team mates for a speedy and effecient 2 minute transition.
This crew has it down to a science. They have duplicates GoLite packs
and gear so there is no unpaking and repacking to be done.
They seemed to be in good spirits although it all happened so fast
that I have no idea how they were feeling. No one was hurt and they
were asking for food...all good things.

The morning started at 515 am preceeded by a night where Kristoffer
kept waking up thinking it was time to race. Breakfast was had in the
lodge and we were off to the paddle start about 25 min away from
TA2/Finish. As far as support work goes, there is not much. Two TA's
leaves a lot of time to play around but I'm too loyal and don't like
to leave the TA area for too long so I aplogize if this lacks detail.

They began promptly at 8am with a brief 1 mi prolouge which Kristoffer
ran and finished in the top 5, if not 3. Then it was a 600yd portage
(up a hill...) to the paddle.

The weather is warm with partly couldy skies and, according to Chris,
Krisoffer & Erin, they welcome the heat so as not to have a repeat of
what happened in Florida. Happily it's not humid they way it can
normally get down here.

I wish I had more details to report but with so few TA's I hardly seem
our ARFE-Smartwoolers.

TA2 is happening sometime in the next 5 minutes to 4 hours so stay
tuned and I'll write more. Time to make PB&J's...

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