Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pre-finish update

Ok this just in from the volunteer at CP21. He reports that ARFE-SW came thru at approx 1140 am with all CP's punched including 21. This means they have 2:20 left until the official cut off time of 2pm today. Everyone continues to project they will come in 4th (unofficially). The volunteer reports that they were in good spirits and RUNNING! It's going to be tight to get in by 2. Soon I'll go out on the a little ledge and watch them come in.

Side bar: The race director is trying to make his trade mark be that there is warm soup available at certain CP's on night legs. That was in fact the case last night. However, apparently it was chicken noodle which does not jive with the veggies. Don't worry veg heads, I put in a good word for us!

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