Sunday, March 25, 2007

Results from TA 2

Finally figured out how to post for myself.

Team ARFE-SW had another stellar transition. This transition from bike to trek took about 5 min. They entered the TA in the 5th spot and left in 4th. Their quick transitions continue to be the talk of the TA's. There certainly has been an ARFE-SW buzz out there tonight (most likely bc I was positioned directly behind the CP and kept talking a good game).
The leaders were 2:18 ahead and the third team was 1:30 ahead with an ailing member. The buzz around the TA is that CP 13 was extremely difficult to get to but so far our team is putting up a good fight as they have all the CPs up to this point. Almost every other team that comes in is dropping out and I heard that some support people are ditching their teams. I don't understand!! Never fear, I'm not going anywhere.

They left the TA with fresh dry packs, food and their trekking poles (this means its very steep if this crew of all people is using poles). Departure from TA2 was 1:38 am. Race directors said it took them 6-7 hrs to do this section fresh during daylight. So we are guessing our leaders will be in anywhere from 8hrs on. Although, who knows bc I spent 4 hrs standing at the turn to the TA convinced that they were only 20 min away.

Time for a wee bit of shut eye until the next post. I've very proud of this team for being so well positioned going into the last section.

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