Saturday, March 24, 2007

an update from Crew Queen

Ok well it's 740 pm here and the leaders are expected anywhere from
10-2am..hmmmm. I want to add an addendum to the CP tracker. At last
check it showed ARFE-Smartwool as skipping CP7. This is FALSE! I just
saw the hand written sheet from the volunteer who was at CP7 and they
had indeed been there. So... this means that so far they have no
skipped any CP's..yay! I'm sure the website has been updated by now
but I wanted to report.

CP14 shows ARFE-Smartwool and EMS neck and neck!!

I have to say it is soooooooo fun supporting for a leading team (not
that I know any different in my vast experience). There is a
quasi-rookie team set up next to me and they are admiring the
minimalist approach to TA's and the duplicate gear.

I am going to try bringing my computer to the TA and blog from there.
TA2 is literally set up on top of the CP. Can't get much close than


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