Sunday, April 15, 2007

2nd place finish for ARFE-SW!!!

Well it has been a quite an eventful night for Teams ARFE! The masters team, ARFE/WeCeFar, withdrew due to an ill teammate. Congrats on an excellent effort given the wintery conditions. At about 2:30 am ARFE-SW left on the final bike leg and were in 5th place by about 45 minutes. Time for them to step it up on the bike...and they did!! Team members who had been feeling hypothermic had bounced back and were looking strong. The race directors cut the second paddle due to cold temps and rain. Yi Shun anticipated a long bike leg beginning at 2:30 am. In anticipation of that I shut my phone off for a few hours only to wake up to a message from Chris that they had finished second (Bagel Works finished 1st). YAHOO! I spoke to Yi Shun a few minutes ago and she was very pleased the team had done the bike part so well due to the cold and wet conditions. Time for everyone to go inside, warm up and sleep. The cut off time for this race is 1pm today and they finished at 7am. CONGRATS to all on an excellent race. We also owe a huge thanks to Carrie (volunteer paramedic) who loaned ARFE-SW her front wheel!! Way to show Indiana what ARFE-SW can do. This is one proud blogger logging off until the next big event!

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