Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Exercise Creativity

There are few among us who have lifestyles that easily accommodate an ultra-endurance exercise regimen. The time commitment is often 1.5 to 3 hours per day with few days off (per month). Life sends us a constant stream of challenges to such an exercise routine regarding family, work, school, vacations, other hobbies, etc. I'll offer two strategies to maintain the ritual.

Train as early as possible in the day. I transitioned to an early morning workout several years ago and have found that this time period is least impacted by the day's challenges. As the day progresses, the lunch time-frame can be compromised by work and personal commitments. The after-work time is most susceptible due to the cumulative challenges of the day. The downside of such an early workout includes sleep deprivation, training in the dark or locating a gym with very early hours.

Finally, we must be aggressive about finding a way to exercise when our usual routine is compromised. Devise multiple backup workouts: use a bike trainer at home when you can't get outside, get a jogging stroller if you have young children, do stair-climbs in a building or home, and don't hesitate to jog or bike in the rain or dark. In addition, when you're out of town on vacation or business, ask the hotel if they have negotiated rates for a local gym - the hotel facilities are not typically acceptable. Train hard and stay committed

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