Friday, April 6, 2007


The Kick Off...

The Earth Month Kick off took place this week. I was encouraged by the turn out for the lunch time showing of "An Inconvenient Truth". Forty people responded, but more than sixty showed up (and no one grabbed the free pizza and left). More than half stayed for whole movie (the movie ran much longer than a typical lunch hour) and we had a good group sign up for the trail clean up later this month. I had many requests for an encore presentation, so I think the day before Earth Day we will have another showing with more posters and information on things that can be done at work home and in the community to reduce our footprint on the environment.

One of my colleagues on the Sustainability team has taken the initiative to cut the use of paper cups for the fountain machine in the cafeteria. The plan is to give everyone a reusable mug and reduce the cost of a fountain drink in that mug to encourage its use.

On the topic of the sustainability team, I am excited for its future, I have a cross section of motivated people from the pilot plant, facilities, packaging, engineering product development and HR all signed up. This bodes well for the team making impacts throughout the facility.

I am calling a contact at our division in Texas later today (they are a bit ahead of our facility with regards to a sustainability team). He is interested in working together. He is also part of a cross divisional sustainability team that until yesterday I didn’t know existed.

I am quickly learning that I am going to need to be more politically savvy on this project than I ever have been before. This sustainability team has become very high profile, and already I can see people trying to take advantage to further their careers at the expense of those really interested in making a difference. I suppose it is just a sad part of the corporate life.

Anyway things are going faster and getting bigger than I had hoped, so onwards we go.


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