Saturday, April 14, 2007

The latest news thru CP5

Sorry for the delay between the last posts. I was a the expo for the Boston Marathon meeting our friendly Gatorade rep, Christina. I got to give her updates and she gave me samples... a win, win! Thanks Gatorade!!

Here is a recap of the last few CPs from Yi Shun. Team ARFE-SW came thru CP2 in 3rd place behind Bagel Works (1st) and Citgo Grey Goat B (2nd). Alpine Shop was 4th after some difficulty with a chain. After this CP the team was off to the ropes course. Noelle is keeping track of the masters team, ARFE/WeCeFar, and I've yet to hear from her.

CP 4 & 5 have been completed at this point and ARFE-SW is currently in 2nd. Bagel Works is in the #1 spot by 45 minutes. Team Citgo Grey Goat B is in 3rd with rumors that they have lost a team member. Therefore, if they are operating as 3 person team, then they are no longer ranked with ARFE-Smartwool.

The last communication with Yi Shun was a choppy connection but it sounds like she is preparing for a transition to the bikes. GO ARFE teams GO!

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