Saturday, June 9, 2007

Racing Ahead 12 Hour update

A text message at 4am mountain time (6 am eastern) alerts me that the gate to the beach where the race was meant to start is closed. The race directors were scurrying around to find an alternate start for this race. Team ARFE-Smartwool waits patiently for the official start and the much anticipated maps. The race got under way at 7am and after about 5-10 min of plotting and laminating, ARFE-SW was off along with the first one-third of the other teams. A quick team dash down a street to the boats and they were off on a lengthy paddle which includes an O section. Kelly said she could see them on the water and they were cruising by other teams. They are due back into the one and only TA momentarily for a quick transition to the bike. Chris and Bruce will be sharing the nav responsibilities today. More after the transition...

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