Friday, June 8, 2007

Racing Ahead 12 Hour

We interupt the compelling conclusion to our LNT Master Educator course to join Team ARFE-Smartwool at the Racing Ahead 12 Hr in West Dover, VT. ARFE-SW will begin racing at 6 am on Sat June 9th. Last report from the pre-race meeting: No report. The team will receive all maps and instructions at the start of the race. The only thing we know now is that the start is on a beach but the discipline is unknown. Competing this weekend will be Chris, Bruce and new-comer Suzi Snyder. Suzi is an experienced triathlete with notable finishes including #15 in the amature division at the Xterra World Championship (I hope I got that right). Crew for this race (yes there is crew for a 12 hr, don't ask.) will be Kelly Piche and Joe Aubin. For the 7 newest LNT Master Educators out there, yes it is the same Joe that was featured in several stories.

Best of luck to everyone and I'll do my best to update first thing in the morning (keep in mind 6am start=4am in CO so there might be a delay due to sleep and there is a chance they'll finish before I rise, but I'll do my best).

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