Tuesday, August 14, 2007

helping ARFE

hi there,
just wanted to let you guys know of a super-easy way to help out ARFE.
instead of using your regular search engine, go to www.goodsearch.com
we've registered with them as a not-for-profit...and every time you search using goodsearch.com, we get a penny.
i know, it doesn't sound like a whole lot...but please consider using them instead.
in our drive to help outdoors sports take care of our playgrounds, we need all the help we can get.
you can download a search tool right into your window, so it pops up every time.
goodsearch.com uses the yahoo search engine, so you'll get the same search results you'd get from yahoo, anyway.
do let us know if you encounter any kinks--you have to plug ARFE into the space below your search. there should be a function that allows you to just use it as the default.

ARFE management

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