Friday, August 3, 2007

SMAC and Art

You only THINK the two have nothing in common.
You'd be wrong. Paul Piorkowski, one of the most creative minds in adventure racing and race director at the Southern Michigan Adventure Club , has outdone himself yet again this year with his unique take on ARFE's Best Garbage program.
He asked teams at his July 21st sprint race to collect as much garbage as they could over the course (teams were allowed to drop off garbage at the end of each leg) and then build something artistic from it.
In Paul's words, "Trash will be judged on quantity, originality, mass, theme, and artistic quality of presentation."
What? You're surprised? We're not--remember, this is the man who, since the inception of Best Garbage, has consistently encouraged the absolute best of the best garbage: truck doors, front ends of Studebakers, and entire ceramic toilets must be credited to SMAC.
Below, we present to you, in order, first, second, and third places.
First place winners took home pairs of CW-X tights and shorts. Second and third places won two pairs of SmartWool socks per team member.
Kudos to all the great winners!

First Place! Team Absolute Endo's entry, "A Whole Lotta Trash We Dragged Through the Woods." No points for creative naming.

Second Place! Team Outdoor Riot's "Trashportation." Note the fine use of punnage in this title, and the perfect juxtaposition between vertical and horizontal tensions. Rrrright.

Third Place, from Team SnackyPants & Toots-in-Tights: Mission Michigan, is an international effort (okay, they're from Canada) and a social commentary. "People in glass houses shouldn't take personality-altering medications" is, alas, not up for a grant from the University of Waterloo, where Snacky-Pants is a veterinary-doctorate candidate.

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