Sunday, October 14, 2007

Great News!

Team ARFE-SmartWool, captained by the ever-vigilant Bruce Swanson, finished second in the four-person championship category at NYARA's Shag race this weekend. Our friends at Team GOALS came in first place after a battle in the orienteering section, as relayed by Mr. Swanson, and team A-List came in first place in the two-person category.
Big thanks to Chris Edmundson, as usual, and to guest stars Jen Shultis and Sara Percy, for pulling off another great race for Team ARFE-SmartWool. Now it's onwards and forwards to nationals!


Weekend activities

ARFE is at NYARA's Shag race this weekend and doing double duty with some fun ARFE activities at Odyssey's AR Series Fall Championship! Keep an eye out for results here!